Each day new clients tells me they are eating “healthy.” A client may explain that they eat a lot of fruit, vegetables, lean meats, gluten free, no carbs, you name it. I even get told that my nutritional services won’t be required!I reply by asking my new client why they are overweight, or why they don’t have the toned abs and legs of their dreams.Often my new client doesn’t know how to respond.

The reality is that just because you eat “healthy” it does not mean you will lose weight.

Overriding all, if you eat more calories than you burn you WILL put on weight. Everyone defines healthy eating differently, and it is very easy to overeat on a “healthy” eating plan. To ensure success you need to understand how many calories are in each meal you eat. Just making the change to “healthy” has no magical weight loss properties.

If you aren’t tracking calories you’re fiddling in the dark.


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