Did you know that the number one measurement that dictates your life expectancy is your body composition?Body composition is the ratio of lean mass to fat which can be calculated by performing a simple test that determines one’s body fat %.I’m going to state the obvious here but there is a positive correlation between a higher body fat % and death.

It may be you are motivated by not wanting to die young like your parents, wanting more energy to play with your children, preventing disease, and the development of a lifestyle that is sustainable so you can be the best version of you.

It’s really important to fuel our bodies with quality foods.

It’s even more important to not be obese.

AndrewWe need to manage our calorie intake in combination with eating quality foods.I promise you; just eating ‘healthy’ foods will not cut it.

Maybe you want to look your best.

You may be motivated by a toned beachside bikini body, improving self-confidence, being that dream beautiful bride, the removal of that unwanted body fat around the legs and hips, or truly loving your reflection in the mirror.

Again, I think we can all agree losing a bit of fat and creating some muscle tone is going to provide you the solution.

Regardless of whether you want to live longer or look hotter dropping body fat % is going to get you there.

I’m not going to lie. Making any transformation is challenging, results certainly won’t come overnight. Without the correct exercise/nutrition program, having the ability to stay committed long term and being able to assess what your hormones and metabolism are doing its likely you will struggle.
For the best results hire an experienced coach.

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