The Team

The Team

Andrew Gaussen


I’m the owner of Change Body Transformation. I’m a Body Transformation Specialist, Personal Trainer and Enthusiast of all things Nutrition, Psychology, Health and Helping People Change their Lives.I

I’ve been overweight and out of shape. I’ve lacked confidence and self-esteem, I’ve had no energy and felt unhealthy.

I’ve been through my own dramatic body transformation. I know what it feels like and know how much of a difference being fit and healthy has made in my life. I’m passionate about helping people do the same.

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I have battled through having a slow metabolism, plateaus, yoyo dieting, emotional eating, hypothyroidism, and even chronic and adrenal fatigue.  I’ve spent years studying advanced weight loss and I’m well equipped to handle the most challenging of cases.

Hannah Stanton

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