That’s interesting.What were the factors that lead to this decision (In my most serious consulting voice? So you read ‘Celebrity Goss Magazine’s’ article on Kim Kardashian losing 10kg by removing them from her diet? Clients and I frequently visit this conversation. No. Not Miss Kardashian, but low carbohydrate diets. You may expect it grow old, rather I anticipate and look forward to these conversations. I’m a real believer that education provides the empowerment needed for change. You’re probably beginning to understand that I hold little love for low carbing. Let me explain. For reference I consider a low carbohydrate diet to be less than 20% of ones ratio of foods. Carbohydrates are our primary source of energy. When they removed from our diet we are forced to use dietary fat as fuel. Common side effects of carb restriction may include muscle loss, dehydration causing scale weight fluctuations, feeling slow or foggy and lethargy. Some people even develop a strange body-odor. Remember that kid at school who brought boiled egg sandwiches and stunk out your entire classroom? In some cases if carbs are severely reduced we can even miss out on essential nutrients.Not eating carbs is a real inconvenience. Try ordering low carb at an Italian restaurant for your friends’ birthday. Snacking can be difficult when you no longer have the option of grabbing a sandwich or piece of fruit on the run.

Both fluff media and low carbohydrate proponents will have us believe there is an advantage to the low carbohydrate diet. There may be a very small advantage, but not to the extent or for the reasons we are often lead to believe. We are told about a ‘metabolic’ advantage, a positive effect on insulin management, and other glorious magic. I’ll be discussing some of these claims, although they are topics in future articles.

My clients get amazing results eating carbohydrates. In my experience results come at exactly the same rate as its low carb counterpart. I’ve tried and tested low carbs. Please don’t cull a food group. I mean, you can if you want, but it’s a real lifestyle sacrifice and completely unnecessary.


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