Personal Training

Change Body Transformation Personal Training programs are specifically designed for drastic body transformations. We focus on shaping and sculpting the parts of your body that you think need it most. If you would like stunning lean toned arms or a flat sexy stomach we will make that happen. We use our specialised training techniques indervidulised for your body to create amazing fat loss and toned muscle body transformations.

Your nutrition will be monitored continuously and you will receive constant feedback with major and micro adaptions to maximize the speed of your transformation. If you feel that your metabolism isn’t running optimally this is the program for you. We will explore in detail why this is so and have you burning fat like you never have before (This is the client we wish to help more so than anyone else!).

Every week you will weigh in 1 on 1 and be asked how well you followed the program during the week. You can expect to receive text messages from your trainer asking for an update on your progress, or even homework tasks such as sending picture messages of sweaty selfies or some of the great food choices you’ve made this week. We believe in positivity and want you feeling amazing about your training, your body and your life. At the same time you need to know that we will be disappointed if you don’t meet expectations. This is NOT just personal training; we are a project manager who provides you with support, motivation, guidance, we will be your friend and we will keep you accountable to your goals. We are your guarantee!

CBT personal training packages are guaranteed to provide you with the highest level of service from our specialised coaches who have real world experience from not only changing their own physiques but also changing others. You cannot only expect to reach your goals but easily surpass them. This is our premium product you will not be disappointed.


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Semi-Private Personal Training

The Change Body Transformation Semi Private Training is our small group training service that has a maximum of 6 ladies/guys per class. Our semi-private training programs are specifically designed to maximize fat burning through focusing on toning muscles and metabolic conditioning.

These sessions are customised to suit individual needs and our highly motivated and skilled coaches will direct you towards your goals! We focus on teaching you how to lift weights and the very best ways to train. We will push you in a super fun and motivating environment with other like-minded people. The sessions are catered to people of all fitness levels so don’t be worried if you are just getting started or have been training for years.

Upon starting we will design you an individualised nutrition plan customised for you with foods that you love. We will provide you with loads of meal plans and set you up with a food diary. Each week you will have a 1 on 1 session with your designated trainer so that you can weigh in, check that you’re still on target to achieve your goals and celebrate your weekly successes. In the session your nutrition will be monitored; you will receive feedback so know how you can improve and your trainer will make major and micro adaptions to maximize the speed of your transformation.

Our Semi private training service bridges the gap between a personal training and a typical gym class to deliver an unparalleled training experience that in super fun and breads amazing results!


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