Protein is more filling than both carbohydrates and fats.By consuming a high protein diet we are left fuller for longer and our hunger can be blunted for hours.A recent study compared common protein sources to determine which was the most filling. The study found that the food with the greatest hunger suppressing effect was whey protein powder.

A word of warning, we must not confuse hunger with appetite. Hunger is the mechanism that makes sure that your body gets the fuel it requires to function well. Appetite is desire for food because it is appealing. Unfortunately, eating more protein will not stop a ravenous appetite. Those cravings for ice cream, chocolate and other treats are going to require a little more will power.

Transformation Tip- I tell my clients who are having trouble controlling their hunger to consume 60g of protein from whey protein powder before 11am. Those who follow this protocol often report eating less frequently and when they do, in smaller portions. I like to blend a banana, natural cacao protein powder, a little skim milk and ice to make a delicious breakfast or mid-morning shake.


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