Client Transformations

Our Transformations

Each day we get to change the lives of our members. I feel truly grateful to have found love with this incredible industry. Without it, I have no idea where I would be, I have no idea what I would do. I do know that I have the most rewarding job in the world.

Congratulations to all our amazing clients, your transformations have been life-changing. Whether you realise it or not, you are now inspiring others to be just like you and start their own journeys.

-Andrew, Owner Change Body Transformation

Leah’s Bikini Body


“Today I finished my 12 week challenge! I think had I not had a couple of slip ups I could have done more, I know it. I lost just over 4kg I changed my lifestyle for better, for a healthier one. I’m happier, sleeping better, feeling good, eating well and drinking less alcohol. I said in my introductory session that I wanted a bikini body I could be proud of. I have well and truly accomplished that! It’s really inspiring being in an environment where we are all working towards a common goal with the full support of Andrew and his team.” 

-Leah Parsafas

Jess Lost 20kg in 6 Months!


“Before starting the Change Body Transformation Challenge, I was often feeling sick, unhealthy and generally run down. When I first started the program, it took me a while to adapt to eating more protein and cutting out the my normal large servings of carbs, but it helped that I started noticing a difference in both how I looked and felt from very early on! After the first two weeks I could already see a change in my face and body. After 4 weeks I was already down 6 kilos! I’ve lost fat and toned up, I can even see my abs! This program showed me how eating the right foods can make me feel fit, sexy and healthy again.”

-Jess Kaimona

Mel Completely Toned Her Body in 12 Weeks!

Melissa A

“CBT has seriously been life changing – after a 12 week Body Transformation program, I feel like a new woman – physically I feel amazing, I’m toned – Everyone who knows me compliments me and are amazed by my progress. Mentally I’ve got so much more energy – I’m always upbeat and happy.” 

-Mel Adney


 In 12 weeks Mum Vendula remained the exactly same scale weight. Often scale weight is meaningless. Vendula lost 3kg of fat, created powerful posture, completely toned her body and regained her confidence.



When Dilani first started training with us she had already lost 15kg. She had never trained before and her weight loss had hit a massive plateau. As a member of CBT over the next 6 months she lost a further 15kg and has become super strong now squating and deadlifting over 80kg!



Mother and Daughter Team Linda and Kirra have lost a combined 80kg!




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