I often get asked who I enjoy training more, males or females.I’m not one to ever shy away from a challenge, so my answer, females.

You’re going to have to forgive the stereotype so early in our communications,
Let me explain.
People fit into 2 categories, over-eaters and under-eaters. Both have trouble losing weight equally. Believe it or not, I actually spend more time asking clients to increase the quantity of their foods rather than decreasing.That’s absurd right?

Back to my stereotype, women tend to have an underlying belief that eating less will result in losing more weight, men are more commonly overeaters. Women generally hold greater obsession with weight often resulting in drastic and dramatic ways of losing. Unfortunately a lot of methods only result in short term success. In many cases various low calorie diets similar in nature are followed for years. The scary thing is that these diets probably never even worked. They certainly didn’t get them any closer to that toned bikini body in their dreams. It makes it very easy to understand why people give up so easily.

Can you imagine the reaction when I ask one of my new under-eating clients to eat more? Thing is, it’s over 50% of my females. I love my job. One reason being the watching of a light bulb moment as client education becomes new hope.

For years this person may have been starving themselves at 1200 calories a day. I’ve even had clients tell me they’re eating as little as 500 calories a day. I may be looking to bump them up over 1700 depending on exercise and lifestyle factors.

It hurts. For years you may have been working your butt off wondering why it’s not working.

When limiting yourself to such extremes you’re starving yourself excessively. The body is very smart and begins to make efficiency cuts. This process is a subconscious decrease in physical activity and results in slowing of the metabolism. You won’t notice, but you will move less conserving much needed energy. Running optimally you may burn 1700 calories a day at rest, after years of dieting you may burn only 1300. What this means is that if you want to continue losing weight you have to cut more and more calories.

We need to fix that!

A study was completed on Biggest Loser contestants in which they calculated the average metabolic slowdown was about 800 calories post competition. If we are to avoid this metabolic slowdown it is necessary to lose weight slowly.

I see this mistake made every single day. I attribute a lot of my coaching success to the addition of just a little quality food.

If you are an under-eater you’ll be getting more information in future posts.


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