Earlier this week I posted IS UNDER-EATING KEEPING YOU FAT? Please go back and read the article now if you have not already. I received a number of messages from surprised responders asking “is that me?” I thought I would cover a little more information.From my experiences with clients I’ve found the most common under-eaters to be those who have very active jobs such as waitresses, nurses and even teachers. They passively exercise throughout the day and are unaware of the extra food they need to consume.The other population who also struggle to eat are cardio queens. The cardio queen will typically be exercise-obsessed. They frequently use the gym for its treadmills, bikes, and classes. They may spend 2 or more hours slaving away each day. They often have minimal muscle tone and feel unrewarded for their effort.If you are one of these 2 populations, appear to be doing everything right and can’t seem to lose weight, it’s time for a rethink. Just by adding a little more quality food, clients tend to have more energy, start losing weight again and are able to build muscle mass. A great coach who understands nutrition could really change your body. He/she will provide you with an accurate calorie intake and start your journey to those toned thighs and abs you deserve.I’ve provided a meal plan just to give you an idea of what 1500 calories looks like. This program would be for a 70kg sedentary female looking to lose weight and training 3x a week. If you have a very active job and/or train many hours a week you may need to multiply the food on this meal plan by almost 2!Let me know.. is this you?Andrew
meal plan 1



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