Some professionals have gone as far as to claim that Gluten is this generation’s tobacco. There is not the scientific evidence to back it up.

Small segments of society may have celiac disease, gluten sensitivity or a wheat allergy. This number is estimated at 5-10%.

A study[1] found that a gluten-free diet dramatically reduced the levels of beneficial bacteria in the intestines of healthy people which is quite the opposite of what gluten ‘haters’ claim.

Another recent study[2] showed that increased gluten containing whole grain intake reduced serum biomarkers of inflammation in children, refuting claims by the anti-grain crowd that grains are inflammatory.

In the most relevant piece of evidence[3] a meta-analysis of 2,516 articles and 26 studies showed no benefit or detriment to gluten containing whole grain intake on body weight.


[1]De Palma, G., et al.  Effects of a gluten-free diet on gut microbiota and immune function in healthy adult human subjects.  Br J Nutr.  102(8):1154-1160, 2009.

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[3] Pol, K., et al.  Whole grain and body weight changes in apparently healthy adults:  a systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled studies.  Am J Clin Nutr.  Aug 14, 2013 

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