Just briefly,I know I may upset a whole bunch of people,I don’t really care.

If you live somewhere near me on planet earth there is absolutely no doubt you’ve heard about Isagenix. For those living under a rock Isagenix consists of a suite of products to be used in various combinations for ‘nutritional cleansing’, detoxification, and supplementation. The products aid in weight loss, improve energy and performance, and support healthy aging. They allegedly burn fat while supporting lean muscle.

Before you make a substantial investment allow me to weigh in with some food for thought.

Isagenix are marketed in such a way that they appeal to human emotions. They provide a ‘silver bullet’ solution to all our health desires and problems. Unfortunately I’m not sure they deliver, here’s why:

As a means of weight loss there is absolutely no evidence that suggests Isagenix will get you results any faster than a calorie deficit nutritional program. Isagenix have no magic, their claim that they burn fat while supporting lean muscle is outrageous. I propose that there ‘success’ comes from tricking one into eating less food, and yes, in most cases if you eat less food you will lose weight.

Concerning detoxification in general, I argue that our bodies are designed to deal with toxins on a regular basis. We are made to filter out toxins effectively without supplementation.

What happens when you finish Isagenix? Are you going to stay on Isagenix for the rest of your life? Doesn’t sound like the provider of a long term solution to me.


I enjoy eating actual food.


If anyone can help me, I was unsure whether their promoter was trying to sell me Isagenix,

…..or sell me selling Isagenix?

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