Tips for Eating Out

eating-outThe biggest tip which we can give you when eating out is to be prepared by looking up the menu of the restaurant/café you will be going to, and pre-planning what you will be ordering!

In Sydney, we are spoilt with so many choices for great food.
Here are some tips for the best choices to make when eating out.

Breakfast / Brunch
1) Poached eggs, mushrooms, spinach, avocado
2) Omelette with veggies (eg asparagus, spinach)
3) Smoked Salmon, Poached egg, asparagus

Lunch / Dinner
Modern European / Australian cuisine
• Grilled steak / chicken / fish
• Steamed veggies / Salad with no dressing

Italian cuisine
• Grilled steak / fish / chicken / seafood
• Grilled / steamed veggies
• Avoid the pastas and pizzas!
Japanese cuisine
• Sashimi / beef tataki
• Grilled beef / pork / chicken
• Avoid saucy dishes and tempura

Chinese cuisine
• Steamed fish
• Grilled meats / fish
• Avoid saucy dishes and fried foods

Thai Cuisine
• Any grilled meats
• Avoid salads as the dressings contain lots of sugar

Avoid fast food outlets

However if you are on the road and do find yourself without food prepared, then the following options are great:
• Nandos (opt for some grilled chicken tenderloins and the house salad. Avoid
chips and burgers)
• Fish Shops (opt for grilled fish and salad. Avoid fried fish and chips)
• Grill’d (opt for salads or a bun less burger. Avoid chips!)
• Supermarket (hot roast chicken, a bag of spinach leaves, or the pre chopped
coleslaw mix with no dressing, and an avocado