Change You For You!

When people achieve something great it is amazing how much others talk negatively about them rather than positively. I was once overweight and out of shape, when I first began to transform my body I received much more resistance than I ever imagined.

Be proud of your achievements, not everyone will like what they see, nor will they be comfortable with your success. There is a good chance that people will talk about you behind your back.

Change you for you, the most important thing is that you are happy with yourself.

Rant on Diets

Imagine if I told you to completely overhaul everything that you ate and were only aloud chicken breast and broccoli every meal. How long would that last for?

Make your nutrition plan as stress free and easy to adhere to as possible. The problem with diet plans is they are seen by the user as a temporary fix. They usually plan on sticking with them for a few weeks at best. This is not a lifestyle and it is not sustainable.

Eat More, Lose More

6 Simple Food Substitutions So You Can Eat More Food


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When you are not losing weight but seemingly doing everything right:

1) Weigh foods you eat regularly and see if you were accurate with your guesses (if you don‘t weigh things on a daily basis).

2) Report your worst days rather than your best days. There is little point reporting 1,500 calories on a daily basis if this is your absolute lowest intake and you are only eating this much two days out of the week.

3) Make sure to give yourself leeway if you eat out a lot. If you have dinner at a restaurant it is unlikely you will know how many calories you eat.