Chontalle TransformationMy client lost 6kg in 12 weeks by following her CBT program meticulously. Nutrition involved a 400 calorie deficit with a macronutrient breakdown of 40% carbohydrate, 40% protein and 20% fat. Exercise involved training weights 3x a week and minimal cardio.

So much is possible in a such a short period of time. All this took was 50 workouts and 250 meals.



Some professionals have gone as far as to claim that Gluten is this generation’s tobacco. There is not the scientific evidence to back it up.

Small segments of society may have celiac disease, gluten sensitivity or a wheat allergy. This number is estimated at 5-10%.

A study[1] found that a gluten-free diet dramatically reduced the levels of beneficial bacteria in the intestines of healthy people which is quite the opposite of what gluten ‘haters’ claim.

Another recent study[2] showed that increased gluten containing whole grain intake reduced serum biomarkers of inflammation in children, refuting claims by the anti-grain crowd that grains are inflammatory.

In the most relevant piece of evidence[3] a meta-analysis of 2,516 articles and 26 studies showed no benefit or detriment to gluten containing whole grain intake on body weight.


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If you ask me society’s treatment of gluten in recent time has been absolutely disgraceful. The newest ‘bad-guy’ on the block has been demonised despite overwhelming evidence that suggests otherwise.Clients often report to me that they feel less bloated when excluding or reducing gluten from their diets.The way I like to explain this is that when you remove breads, pastas and other typical gluten-containing foods it is extremely likely you are reducing carbohydrate intake.

For each gram of carbohydrate consumed the body requires 3g of water to store supplies. When total carbohydrates are reduced the human body no longer holds the water it doesn’t need.

You were probably never gluten intolerant you just changed your carbohydrate intake.